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Race to better

Racecar, road car: the challenge is constant

Motorsport enables us to push the limits of automotive design. It demands ultimate performance, minimum waste. It’s helped us develop some of our best innovations yet, but this philosophy isn’t reserved for F1 alone. Just like the sports performance and hybrid technology of the NSX, the same Honda spirit is found in our road cars – ensuring refined technology is on your driveway too.

The Clarity Fuel Cell is powered by hydrogen and emits zero CO2.

The Honda Insight was the first hybrid car to hit the mass market in the United States.

ASIMO is the world’s most advanced humanoid robot.

McLaren-Honda: a legendary partnership

Eight world championships, 44 grand prix wins, 53 pole positions, and 30 fastest laps with McLaren – we enjoyed one of the most dominant partnerships in motorsport history.


Some 25 years later, 2017 sees a new season, an established partnership, and a new and exciting challenge for McLaren-Honda. With Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne in the cockpit, and a 1.6-litre turbocharged power unit behind them, it’s the next stage for McLaren-Honda competitive racing.

Roots in racing

Our legacy runs deep into Formula One history; we’ve been part of some of the sport’s most momentous events. From the legendary championship wins to crafting some of F1’s greatest cars, we were there.

The McLaren story

Established in 1963, McLaren is a British automotive manufacturer and one of the oldest and most successful teams in Formula One history. The perfect partner for Honda.