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Introducing Honda Racing F1's partners. In our unwavering pursuit of progression, Honda Racing chooses to align with others that share our vision, goals and willingness to suceed. 

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The IHI Corporation is a comprehensive heavy-industry manufacturer working to create value for customers in four main areas—Resource, Energy and Environment; Social Infrastructure and Offshore Facilities; Industrial Systems and General-purpose Machinery; and Aero Engine, Space and Defence.

IHI’s history extends back to the establishment of Ishikawajima Shipyard, Japan’s first modern shipbuilding facility, in 1853. The company played a key role in Japan’s modernization, including by leveraging its shipbuilding technology in new areas, such as heavy machinery manufacturing, bridge building, plant construction and aero-engine production. 

IHI has long history with Honda F1 project providing turbocharger from 1984 to 1988 when turbocharger played significant role in terms of extracting power from engine. We fought in championship together in the 2nd era of Honda’s F1 project and achieved remarkable results such as the 15 wins out of 16 races in 1988. The partnership was restarted when Honda decided its return to formula one from 2015 under current power unit regulation. 

IHI is acting an important role in development of turbocharger for power unit from concepting phase together with HRD Sakura as technical partner. IHIcontinues to fully utilize their unique and advanced engineering technology in order to produce turbocharger with high performance.

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Since its founding in 1949, ASICS Group has been committed to nurturing the world’s youth through sports in order to contribute to society. Our vision has been to “Create Quality Lifestyle through Intelligent Sport Technology” and our mission to provide goods and services that promote healthy and fulfilling lifestyles throughout the world.

ASICS will partner with Honda, a leading Formula 1 supplier, to outfit Honda’s Formula 1 staff over the next two years, starting from the 2019 season. ASICS will provide apparel and footwear for pit crews, engineers and other staff on the circuit, and while on tour around the world. For F1 pit crews, speed and reliability are critical to success during a race. ASICS high-tech apparel offers the right fit, lightness, and flexibility needed for quick action in the moment, while ASICS footwear is not only comfortable, but also designed for safety, with superior cushioning and slip resistance.